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DIY place cards with chalkboard

DIY place cards with chalkboard

Are you ready for a party project from Man Podger David?  How about some DIY place cards using chalkboard paint? I would totally entertain all the time if I had an apartment bigger than Mod Podge Command Central. I would entertain so that I could make and eat cupcakes. And of course, make chalkboard place card holders just like these. Take a peek … [Read more...]

Halloween pedestal - put candy in the jar below and a cupcake on top

Cute Halloween DIY cupcake stand

The life of a Man Podger is not easy - you have to come up with cute projects all day and then craft all night. Meanwhile, Mod Podge Amy is breathing over your shoulder, telling you to work faster . . .   Hahaha! Just kidding guys. I don't know if you've seen all of the projects from Man Podgers Walter and David, but they are so unique - there … [Read more...]

Spice up those boring kitchen cabinets with DIY handles that you can make with Mod Podge! The great thing is that you can change them out whenever you like.

DIY handles for your kitchen cabinets

Man Podger David has come up with a really interesting idea for DIY handles. It's an affordable solution if you are forced to go with the "standard issue" handles that you can get in a bin at Lowe's or Home Depot. It just goes to show that just because you are on a budget doesn't mean your decor has to look like it. Take a peek at David's … [Read more...]

Vintage modern map lamp

Vintage modern map lamp

Man Podger David has totally hit the nail on the head with his map lamp for this week. It's one of those great pieces that feels vintage-y (must be the maps, which always make me think vintage for some reason). Yet it also could go very well in a modern home. David made it awesomely simple, and I know you will appreciate it. Yes, you too can build … [Read more...]

What I love about this DIY mini plant stand is that you can use it at size to grow small items in a small space (like herbs/spices in your apartment)!

DIY mini plant stand

If you went on vacation and haven't been keeping up with my Man Podge series, then you are in for a treat! I've got two gentleman (gentlepodgers I should say) giving you the "man's perspective" of Mod Podge on a weekly basis. They are Walter Silva and David Cheney - both unique, both highly talented! Up this week is Mod Podge Walter with a … [Read more...]